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The Texas Sangha

"The term "Sangha", means group or community of practitioners and also has the connotation of "not regressing". When Buddhism entered Tibet, it was translated as "Gendun". The first sylable "ge" means positive actions or virtue and the second "dun" means aspiration. So "gendun" are those who are both aspiring to perform postitive actions and are practicing the Dharma, the methods the Buddha gave towards what is positive." (Buddhsim Today Vol. 7, pg 28).

Contact The Center Closest To You

There are currently 4 centers in Texas spanning from Austin to Clear Lake south of Houston. The first center was founded in 1992 after Lama Ole's first visit to the Lone Star State. His cousin, Marilyn Kinsey, invited him to teach in Friendswood at a local unity church, and everything started from there. Since '92, Lama Ole has visited Texas on his yearly U.S. lecture tours (normally twice a year) and has given both the Phowa (1996) and Mahamudra (2000) Retreat Courses.

Our Weekly Meetings

Our activity in Texas is based on the idealism and volunteer work of many people from all backgrounds. In addition to our weekly meditation/study schedule at the various centers, we all share in the work of hosting traveling teachers from all over the world (normally 4-6 of Lama Ole's students per year) for visits and lecture tours, planning large courses with Lama Ole and other Kagyu Lamas, and publicity with local newspapers and businesses. Aside from meditation, we also find time to get together for an occasional party out on the Retreat Center land.

Diamond Way Buddhist Centers, USA

The 20 centers in the U.S. are part of our national umbrella non-profit organization "Diamond Way Buddhist Centers, USA". We have national meetings at the larger meditation courses about once a year with Lama Ole and representatives from all of the U.S. centers.

Pictures of Past Events in Texas