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Our National Magazine

BUDDHISM TODAY (formerly KAGYU LIFE INTERNATIONAL) brings authentic teachings primarily from the Karma Kagyu Lineage, which originated with the Indian Mahasiddhas Tilopa and Naropa and was passed down in Tibet through Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa and finally the great Karmapas. When working with this powerful transmission, it is possible to rapidly transcend the self-bound state in which most of us spend so much time. As the methods of Buddhist transmission are practiced and take hold, the full depth and breadth of mind's spectrum widens and unfolds effortlessly. This may occur in such a way that a deep confidence in mind's indestructible (diamond-like) nature is never again lost, even after death. We find that the solid outside world, just as our well-compounded personality, is like a dream. They have no intrinsic nature and are inseparable from space itself. Finally, we see that our confused states of mind are actually powerful states of untransformed wisdom.

BUDDHISM TODAY is aimed toward lay people, those living normal lives who wish to understand and experience mind's vast potential. It is offered as a resource, bridging time and culture. The ancient, secretly held teachings of the "hearing lineage" were for centuries firmly anchored in Tibet. Since the decimation of that country by the Chinese, a few great modern lamas and scholars have made the teachings available in the West on a broad basis for the first time in history. BUDDHISM TODAY functions at the forefront of this new activity, presenting information that is relevant to our uniquely individual Western style of living. We hope it serves to inspire those who can appreciate its content.

You can find excerpts from all issues of Kagyu Life international as well as many new articles from BUDDHISM TODAY on the Diamond Way Buddhist Centers, USA webpage.

BUDDHISM TODAY is published by Diamond Way Buddhist Centers USA, a California Religious Non-Profit Corporation
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