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University of Houston Center

Weekly Meetings

The Diamond Way Buddhist group at the University of Houston was founded in 2000 and has been meeting regularly on campus ever since. During the Spring and Fall semesters, we host traveling teachers for public lectuers and meet informally from time to time to study and meditate. Check our upcoming events for the meeting room and lecture topics for future events on campus. Everyone is welcome to attend.

***A message to new people- At each meeting, we are always happy to give an introduction to our group and methods, and answer any questions. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is needed to attend.***

For more information please feel free to call Beth at (281)935-5993 or email her at

Intercollegiate Diamond Way Buddhist Network

The University of Houston group is also part of the U.S. Intercollegiate Diamond Way Buddhist Network. The ultimate aim of this organization is to to make Diamond Way Buddhism accessible to all college and high school students and to form a chain of Diamond Way Buddhist groups, based on friendship and idealism, which will be capable of hosting traveling teachers for lecture tours on university campuses throughout the U.S. We are currently working on a website to offer centralized access to all major Diamond Way websites as well as personalized access to other university Diamond Way group administrators. In addition, this site will have resources readily available for starting up new university groups in the future. If all goes according to plan, we should have it online by March 2002.

Directions to University of Houston Campus

Going north on I-45:

Exit Elgin-Cullen-Lockwood. Take a left under the freeway at the first stop light (Elgin). Turn left onto Texas Spur 5 road (first light you get to; this road is not labeled for some reason). Turn right onto University Drive and continue straight on University Drive crossing Calhoun and into Entrance 1.

You'll see a small building on your left that says VISITOR INFORMATION. Turn right into the parking lots (almost directly across from VISITOR information). The yellow striped arm will be up, which means it's free. University Center is the first building on the right after the parking lots (the area is shaped like a big U with the Univ. Center being the first on the right). As you enter the Univ. Center go in the doors to your right and up one flight of stairs. This is where the meeting rooms are located. There will be signs leading you to the meeting room once you get to the 2nd floor.

Going south on I-45:

There is a Texas Spur #5 exit. if you take this, you can follow the directions from then on (take a right on University drive, etc).

***A NOTE ABOUT PARKING- I have been in contact with the University parking and transportation to make sure parking lot arms are up by the time of the meeting. If they are not, you can ask VISITOR INFORMATION for a token. They will sometimes do this. I hope the University will stay on the ball and this will not be a problem :)***