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Tibetan Greetings

The following are some common phrases used daily among Tibetans and are here just for fun. Karmapa Chenno!

"Hello": Tah-shi de-leh

"How are you?": Keh-rahng ku-su de-bo yin-peh?

"I'm fine.": La yin. Ngah snug-po de-bo yin.

"Please sit down.": Shoo-ro-nahng.

"Where are you going?": Keh-rahng kah-bah phe-geh?

"Goodbye.": Kah-leh phe

"See you later.": Jeh yong

"See you tonight.": To-gong jeh yong

"See you tomorrow.": Sahng-nyi jeh yong

"Goodnight.": Sim-jah nahng-go

"I'm sorry.": Gong-dah

"Thank you.": Thu-chi che