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Lama Ole at

    Lama Ole Teaching Phowa

This is Lama Ole at the 1996 Phowa Course in Lufkin, Texas. Phowa, "The Practice of Conscious Dying", is the last of the Six Yogas (energy teachings) of Naropa, and one of the most profound teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. The goal of the Phowa practice is to learn to transfer the consciousness at the moment of death to a state of highest bliss.

The practice of Phowa is a very direct method involving visualization and mantra. This intensive instruction usually takes about five days in a retreat setting, and brings about physical and mental changes by opening the central energy channel in our bodies. This transformative meditation brings about compelling results. Phowa is not only of great benefit at the time of death, but also provides inner onfidence in daily life. Many people report that the fear of death dissolves and fears in life diminish.

Phowa Retreats with Lama Ole

Lama Ole is one of the few Kagyu Lamas empowered to teach the Phowa practice. Since 1987, he has taught Phowa to over 50,000 people at more than 150 retreat centers around the world. During the retreat, methods are also taught which enable one to help family and friends at their time of death. This valuable tool is a gift to loved ones. Over 100 members of our Texas Sangha attended this Phowa retreat held at Luftkin Texas in November 1996.

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