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Heart of the Mahamudra
(Song of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa)

"Manifestation and sound arise from the subtle mental imprints created from thoughts. As a picture in water disappears of its own accord, so false appearances automatically fade away when their lack of reality is understood. Beyond essential reality there is nothing - Such is the insight of the Mahamudra.

When the door of the mind, through which appearances are created, remains unobstructed, unworped by concepts, then there is no solid reality, just bright light, and we let everything that appears just arrive naturally. Such a practice is the meditation of Mahamudra.

Illusory appearances are born of the belief in a reality. Relying on a constant understanding of their non-reality, we dwell at rest in original spontaneous nature and the space where there is nothing to accomplish is thus reached effortlessly.

Such is the practice of Mahamudra. These three points are the treasure of my heart. Since the yogis who go to the heart of everything are like my own heart, for them I have pronounced these heart-felt words, which cannot be communicated to others."

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The Mahamudra text we normally study at our centers, and the text that Lama Ole also uses when he gives Mahamudra Retreats, was composed in the 14th century by His Holiness Rangjung Dorje - The 3rd Karmapa (1284-1339). In this text the 3rd Karmapa explains the nature of mind, making it possible for us to share in his experience of Mahamudra. He shows that our true essence is clear and limitless space which opens up our full potential for joy, compassion and trust.

Mahamudra means “The Great Sign” and is considered to be the crown jewel of Buddha's teachings. It is where duality melts into unity, where space becomes joy, where subject, object and action are inseparable. Mahamudra is the basis, the way and the goal in one.

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Mahamudra Retreats with Lama Ole

During Mahamudra Retreats, Lama Ole describes the progressive way which leads to this state beyond words, imagination and thought. The last Mahamudra Course we had in the Lone Star State was in November 2000, about an hour outside of Austin in miles and miles of beautiful Texas hill country.

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